Young Enlightened Spirits | Y.E.S.

Y.E.S. children participate in a large group service that is patterned after the adult services. Children are then grouped by age and participate in an activity that is designed to further their understanding of the lesson given during the service.


A typical Sunday timeline for the younger children age 4 through 8th grade:


10:15 - Teachers are prepared and ready to greet the arriving families.


10:25 - Teachers and parents help the children express prayers using prayer sticks.


10:30 - Service is led by Kathleen Bailey and begins with a simple welcome from the 4th and 5th graders that says “we are glad you're here.”  A song is led by our youth music director, Will Hale.


Parents may then hug their children goodbye and attend the adult service.

Parents are always welcome to stay for the entire time with their children.


10:40 - Children’s service continues with blessing for prayers and a lesson. The lesson is often presented in the form of a story. Our lessons are grounded in Unity principles, and all our activities are created to inspire interest in and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. 


Service concludes with the Unity Prayer For Protection.


11:00 - Following this service, the children use the classrooms to assemble in smaller, teacher-led groups. An activity is provided that is designed to further the learning and understanding of the lesson. Teachers guide children through conversation and thinking how it presents itself in our lives.



Our year begins each year the Sunday after Labor Day and ends in June with a fun celebration where all of the students and teachers participate. In the summer our children continue to be welcomed to come and have fun with guest participants from our congregation who come and share their favorite activities, movies and books with our young people.



Our volunteer teachers are led by Kathleen Bailey, a volunteer teacher with over 10 years of experience. Kathleen Bailey is available to discuss the program and the current curriculum with parents before and after the service. She can also be reached by phone at 763-442-1825 or by email at


Will Hale is a song writer and musician entertaining children with interactive participation. He offers concerts and performance events through The Tadpole Parade.