Getting Acquainted

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We welcome you to visit Unity North Spiritual Center!

  • Come to a Sunday service!
  • Arrive early or stay late to share some social time with others.
  • Experience the various classes and seminars.
  • Sign up to receive our newsletter.
  • Schedule a personal appointment to meet with Rev. Kathy McCall by calling the Unity North office at 763-754-6489.
  • Visit with the director of the Unity North Youth Ministry, Kathleen Bailey.
  • And our favorite... Smile and introduce yourself! We are happy that you're here!

Unity North is...

Unity people pray. We feel the Presence within us as we pray and meditate. Our mission is to increase this spiritual awareness by practicing and teaching Christian principles that recognize God as the one presence and power in the universe.

We also go to classes. We study the Bible as a story of humans growing spiritual wisdom (including our own). We study practical Christianity: how to apply spiritual principles in relationships, jobs and careers, prosperity, health, and everyday living. We study Unity's particular approach to Christianity and to spiritual teachings from many religions. In Unity, truth is alive and vibrant, not a closed issue.

Unity North also offers a bookstore, counseling, special prayer meetings, and a variety of social activities. If you have any specific needs or desires, please call the Unity North office.

The many youth activities at Unity North are intended to help our young members develop self-worth, be a valued part of our congregation, and acquire a foundation of Unity teachings and Bible traditions.

Knowing Our Spiritual Community

Get to know the Unity North Spiritual Community
by reading personal interviews by Candi Tomlinson!

About Candi Tomlinson

When Candi was in college, she won an award for her writing when, ironically, she had been told in high school that she was a terrible writer. She began her career at the age of 15/16 when she wrote, produced and hosted a radio program called “Candi’s Candid Microphone.” She followed up by receiving a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, speech, and drama. During her professional career she worked in all phases of TV, radio, newspaper, and public relations. Currently, she has three children’s books ready for publishing.

When she was 4 she could see auras, had an uncanny knowingness, and began searching to learn who God really was. A friend who had passed on appeared to her in the Grand Canyon and told her to come to God in a different way. She began studying metaphysics and attending Unity churches in 1987. Among those was her favorite—Rev. Kathy’s first church in Tempe, Arizona.

Candi now serves Unity North as an online volunteer and writer for these biographical articles.