Safety Protocol

The primary concern of Unity North Spiritual Center is protecting our community, with special emphasis on our children and those who are most vulnerable. That intention supersedes our concerns about hurting feelings or offending a minority with differing opinions. We love our spiritual community, and we honor each person’s choice. We are determined to make decisions that are for the highest good of all who are part of Unity North Spiritual Center and for those who have yet to attend. 
The following safety protocols are the result of our primary intention to protect and keep everyone safe, especially at this time of increasing COVID-19 cases from the Delta variant:
  1. Masks are required by all.
  2. COVID-19 vaccines are required with exception of those children still too young to have them. (For those adults who cannot get vaccinated for health reasons or choose not to, we recommend our Zoom options at this time.) 
  3. Children will be in Fellowship Hall and will have contact with other kids, their teacher and/or Youth & Family Director.
  4. Sanctuary chairs are arranged with 3-foot social distancing. Cards are on the chairs that people should avoid and can be moved if needed to sit near family or to give yourself more distance.
  5. Singing is okay with masks on.
  6. Minister, Guest Speakers, Worship Assistants, Chaplains, and Guest Musician(s) can remove masks when speaking or performing on stage.
  7. There will be a sign-in sheet to check off your name when arriving at Unity for the purpose of contact tracing, if necessary.
  8. Red stickers will be provided that show you want to lovingly refrain from touch or hugs at this time. Green and yellow stickers with greater options to connect will be provided as COVID-19 numbers and safety improve. 
  9. We urge anyone running a fever or feeling ill to stay home and not attend Sunday Services, classes, or events at Unity North until recovered.
  10. Non-touch hand sanitizers are provided inside the entrance doors and inside both doors in Fellowship Hall. Bottles of hand sanitizer can be found throughout the building.
  11. One person at a time in all restrooms, even those with more stalls.  
  12. Coffee and snacks will not be provided at this time. 
  13. The Unity North building has installed filtration units for greater safety. (Unity North had CDC-approved air purifiers installed in the blower portion of the furnaces. Having the thermostats set to the ON position continuously filters the air and kills any viruses. These purifiers also remove bacteria and mold.)
  14. We urge you to report any COVID-19 cases to us so that we can activate contact tracing and suspend services for the required amount of time to keep everyone safe. 
If this sounds like too many rules, we invite you to pause and consider that our caution and common-sense approach may save lives. Please join us in praying for the safety and well-being of all those at Unity North Spiritual Center.
The Board of Trustees and I look forward to seeing you in-person soon, and if not, then hopefully on Zoom!


Many blessings,
Rev. Kathy

Rev. Kathy McCall
Unity North Spiritual Center
Coon Rapids, MN

Updated September 5, 2021