Safety Protocol

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The primary concern of Unity North Spiritual Center is protecting our community, with special emphasis on our children and those who are most vulnerable. We love our spiritual community, and we honor each person’s choice. We are determined to make decisions that are for the highest good of all who are part of Unity North Spiritual Center and for those who have yet to attend.

Please join us in praying for the safety and well-being of all those at Unity North Spiritual Center.

  • Masks are optional. We know that each of us will make a personal choice, with some continuing to wear masks, while others will welcome the opportunity to attend church without a mask. We encourage safe distancing and respect for personal space.
  • Children will be in Fellowship Hall and will have contact with other kids and their teacher.
  • Red stickers will be provided that show you want to lovingly refrain from touch or hugs at this time. Green and yellow stickers with greater options to connect will be provided.
  • We urge anyone running a fever or feeling ill to stay home and not attend Sunday Services, classes, or events at Unity North until recovered. Sunday Services are live-streamed through Zoom.
  • Non-touch hand sanitizers are provided inside the entrance doors and inside both doors in Fellowship Hall. Bottles of hand sanitizer can be found throughout the building.
  • One person at a time in all restrooms, even those with more stalls.  
  • The Unity North building has installed filtration units for greater safety. (Unity North had CDC-approved air purifiers installed in the blower portion of the furnaces. Having the thermostats set to the ON position continuously filters the air and kills any viruses. These purifiers also remove bacteria and mold.)
  • We urge you to report any COVID-19 cases to us so that we can activate contact tracing and suspend services, if needed, for the required amount of time to keep everyone safe.