Healing Ministry

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The Unity movement began when Myrtle Fillmore successfully pursued her own healing. She believed that since she was the offspring of a Divine Parent who does not become ill, illness was not part of her true inheritance. Given a few months to live, she appealed to the intelligence that she knew resides within every cell of the body. She prayed, gave thanks, and became well. Jesus healed at a distance; he healed by the laying on of hands, and he healed with clay. He recognized that people accept healing in varying ways. The Gospels say he sent his followers out to spread his teachings and to heal the sick. We are following the example of our elder brother. Unity North has been holding healing services since our beginning in 1993.

All of the healers at Unity North have had formal training in hands-on healing. Some have studied Reiki, some use the chelation technique taught by Rosalyn Bruyere, and some use a hands-off technique as taught by the Esoteric Healing School in England. Some have also been trained in massage, acupressure, matrix energetics, quantum touch, or shiatsu.

Healing work is intended to facilitate the movement of energy through the body which can be accompanied by the movement of emotions as well. Participants may feel warmth, movement, tingling, or just gentle relaxation.


A healer is available after Sunday services for one-on-one healing. Healing offerings represent our commitment to the pursuit and acceptance of the wholeness that Spirit intends for us. It not only carries forth Unity principles of prayer and healing but also follows the example of Jesus.

Responsibilities of Healers

Physical and emotional comfort of the recipients is paramount. Since our purpose is the movement of the body's own healing energy, healers do not diagnose disease. We remember at all times that we are simply channels of blessing.

Responsibilities of Recipients

Recipients are asked to maintain a receptive attitude. Recipients are encouraged to immediately assert anything that is not comfortable to them.

These healing offerings are a gift to our community. If someone wishes to give an offering, we will graciously accept it. Please use the donate button above or send a check to UNSC, 11499 Martin Street NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433.

For more information, contact Cyndi Huberty.