World Day of Prayer 2021

We welcome you to join thousands worldwide in heart and mind September 8–9, 2021, for the 27th annual World Day of Prayer.

Theme: “All is Well With My Soul"
Affirmation: "No matter the circumstance, all is well with my soul.”

Every year we set aside 24 hours to affirm the truth of our Christ consciousness. We give ourselves time to feel the Divine presence as peace, love, and growing understanding.

Join us virtually on Wednesday evening, September 8, for an hour that includes peace prayers from different religious traditions, music, and meditation.

Personal prayer vigil anytime between Wednesday, 8 pm, and Thursday, 8 pm. Light your candle at

As we unite heart and mind with people from around the globe, we affirm “No matter the circumstance, all is well with my soul." Read more about World Day of Prayer globally at

A Virtual Prayer Gathering
with Rev. Kathy McCall and the Prayer Chaplains

Wednesday, September 8, 7–8 pm

Zoom link:

Rev. Kathy McCall has been a lifelong spiritual seeker. She has served six different churches as a Unity minister and is currently serving at Unity North Spiritual Center in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. An astrologer, dream worker and storyteller, she has taught and facilitated workshops for over 35 years. She is the author of the book The Unorthodox Life: Walking Your Own Path to the Divine.