Understanding Ourselves & Others

During this time when so much prejudice and discrimination is taking place, it is our belief that greater education is needed. This month we will put a spotlight on a panel from our LGBTQIA+ community and on the “Little People” at Unity North.

Tuesday, February 7 ~ Part 1: A Day in the Life of a LGBTQIA+ Person in a Straight World
A panel of lesbians and several of their children will discuss their experiences of being gay or living in a gay household in today’s world. Some feelings often expressed are, “We just want to be treated like everyone else,” “We are singles, couples, and families trying to live our best life just like everyone.” Many gay people are overcoming trauma from past religious experiences and have found Unity a safe space to heal, grow, and thrive. The discussion will be both informative and inspirational.

Tuesday, February 21 ~ Part 2: A Day in the Life of a Little Person in an Average Height World
Moira Bailey, a board member at Unity North, will share her experience of being a Little Person in today’s world. Some topics covered will include genetics, medical aspects, and growing up in this world as a Little Person. Kathleen Bailey (who is Moira’s Mother and our Youth & Family Director and Outreach Director at Unity North) will participate.

Presentation, Q & A, and Discussion

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Understanding Ourselves & Others
Tuesdays, February 7 & 21, 2023
7:00-9:00 PM Zoom only

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