Sunday Service with Greg Tamblyn

Greg Tamblyn Coming on Sunday, June 13!!!
Sunday Service, 10:30 AM CDT

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Get A Comedy Hangover That Lasts All Week!

Greg Tamblyn is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, humorist, author and NCW (No Credentials Whatsoever) who helps us celebrate the best in ourselves and laugh at the rest of ourselves.
Sunday Theme: “The Sacred and the Silly”
Mystics, prophets, saints and psychologists have all told us that happiness lies in the NOW. Many of us in the West have forgotten where that is. Silliness, play, humor and laughter are profound ways to get there.

For over 25 years, Greg has appeared at churches throughout the Unity movement and beyond, most often on a Sunday when the minister needs or is scheduled for a day off.

He weaves together a humorous, helpful church lesson with award-winning funny songs and stories plus a sacred meditation experience. You will get enlightened and inspired by a healthy dose of music and laughter, plus a deep experience of the Sacred. The combination of funny and deeply holy is what appears to make it so effective. Visit

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“Greg has brought his comedic music and talks to almost every church I have served. He will lighten your spirit and make you laugh and possibly cry a bit with his poignant stories and hilarious songs, such as “I Wanna Be the Man My Dog Thinks I Am,” “No Credentials Whatsoever,” “The Shootout at the I’m Ok, You’re Ok Corral,” and “Analog Brain in a Digital World,” for starters!" 
   Rev. Kathy McCall, Minister, Unity North Spiritual Center, Coon Rapids, MN

“You rocked the house! Your Sunday message and music brought us joy, laughter, inspiration, and a huge positive impact. We’ll have you back soon!” 
   Rev. Richard Maraj, Senior Minister, Unity of Phoenix, AZ 
“Everyone I have talked to absolutely LOVED you!! Me too!! It was a great Sunday, and I can't wait for you to come back again. You had a wonderful turnout Sunday evening, and it taught me that we can book a successful event later than right after church.”
   Rev. Diane Robinson, Unity in the Garden, Jupiter, FL 
Grace Note Award for Lifetime Achievement in Positive Music—UWM 
Best Comedy/Novelty Song—Just Plain Folks Music Awards 
Christmas Single of the Year—Cashbox Magazine 
Best Comedy Song—Music City Song Festival 
Most Uniting Song—emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Healing Song—emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Humorous Song—emPower Posi Music Awards 
Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City—Squire Newspapers

Link for Sunday Zoom Services:

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