Rev. Kathy's Virtual Sunday Lesson & Message

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July 5, 2020

Greetings, Unity North friends,

The lesson title for this week is “Expect a Miracle.” You can find the Sunday lesson by clicking on the link near the end of this letter.

I have been thinking about miracles a lot lately since my hip replacement. It astounds me that people still reject science when we think about all of the miracles that have occurred through joint replacements, for example. In ancient days, a severe arthritic hip or knee would have been a prognosis for years of being crippled and even unable to leave one’s bed. Now one can have a surgery that can prevent years of misery and change one’s life for the better within a month! Think about all of the vaccines that have allowed us to eliminate life-threatening diseases or about the treatments and, in many cases, the cures for cancer, and those are just some scientific medical miracles.

What about the miracles related to transportation—from the horse-drawn carriage to automobiles, boats, airplanes, and spaceships taking us beyond our own planet? What about those miracles of science that have allowed us to create a space station, travel to the moon, to Mars and beyond?

The argument we often hear is that these miracles are not from science but from God. Yet, I cannot think of this as an either/or question. If God is everywhere present, as we teach in Unity, then God works through the scientist and science, just as he/she works through the mystic, the priest, the artist, the teacher, the athlete, and anyone else you can name.

We are inspired, guided and directed by the Divine in all that we do. Call it God, call it Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Goddess, or whatever name you prefer. It is still the Divine working through each of us in all of our diversity, whether we are straight or gay, black or white, or any other color under the sun. It is the One Presence and One Power alive and well in each one of us expressing often as miracles, according to our perception.

We need to move beyond “either/or” mentality, to one of “both/and.” Miracles are available to all, whether they come in the form of an angelic visit or a scientific breakthrough.

Today, as I walk down the hall on my cane, having graduated from a walker, I am very grateful for the wonder of science AND the power of healing prayer!  
Love & blessings,

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