Sunday Letter - Healing & Divine Life

Divine Life is a healing power within us and can help with whatever troubles us. It is one of our 12 spiritual powers, and each of us is on a healing journey to discover the power of life and to know that we are already whole.
Unity began with the fulfillment of a healing need. In the Spring of 1886, Myrtle Fillmore was dying of tuberculosis when she heard a lecturer by the name of Dr. Eugene B. Weeks. Trained by Emma Curtis Hopkins, one of the foremost metaphysicans of the time, Dr. Weeks came from the Illinois Metaphysical College to speak in Kansas City, Missouri.
A great truth was born in the heart of Myrtle that night as she heard the words, “I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness.” All her life, she had been told that she had inherited the illness and was born to be ill; now she was struck with a revelation. She took this powerful affirmation and talked to her body each day as weeks and then months went by. She invited the presence of Jesus Christ to be with her often in order to keep her thoughts positive. She sent thoughts and words of life and strength and truth to all of the life centers, organs, and cells of her body. Within two years she was healed!
Then, her husband Charles followed suit, recovering his vision and hearing on the right side of his body, and discarding a steel brace worn on a shortened and withered leg as the result of a skating accident. This came about through the power of prayer and the resulting guidance he received from a greater intelligence manifesting in his dreams and waking life.
Later, Myrtle explained that for a while, no matter how much she prayed at first, her condition had worsened. Finally, she had asked God what was wrong, and the answer she received was the following:
“The Spirit said to me, ‘You have looked among your faults; now look among your virtues.’ I thought that strange, but soon it came to me…that I didn’t feel as sweet and poised on the inside as I seemed outwardly. I began to watch and to redeem this state of mind. As I gained real poise and the ability to keep my thoughts and feelings truly free, I was healed and restored to strength and normal functioning.”
“Here was the key to Myrtle Fillmore’s healing and the key to the success of Silent Unity in its prayer and healing work. Never stress the sickness! Always look to the good in every situation!
“God revealed to Mrs. Fillmore that her body’s cells had intelligence and that powerful words of health affected them. She learned that she could talk to her body in positive, loving tones and that her body would respond with health and life. Thousands of persons who have accepted this concept have found new life and new health.” (Witherspoon, Thomas E., Myrtle Fillmore: Mother of Unity)
Healing continues today in Unity Churches throughout the movement and beyond. Seeds were sown over 133 years ago that continue to sprout and blossom in individuals and communities worldwide. A truth was born, a knowing that health is our divine inheritance, and with God, healing is possible.

Love & blessings!
Rev. Kathy