Sunday Letter 3/12/2023 Reset Your Spirit

We are invited by the spiritual path to overcome the temptations of the ego such as fear, worry, greed, and all those aspects that come from a belief that we are separate from God. The truth is that we are one with God, one with the Divine Light, which is present in all of creation. We all have the potential to call forth greater light and to be bearers of the light.
It is interesting that when one is going through a “Dark Night of the Soul” experience, it is often described as being in a dark tunnel. That can be true of depression or other difficult times in life when one loses faith or struggles with overwhelming challenges.
There is a fabulous song by Gloria Estefan that describes the experience of one’s emergence from that dark tunnel or frame of mind. It is called Coming Out of the Dark and is sung near the end of the musical about the lives of Gloria and her husband, Emilio Estefan. You may remember when she was on top of the world with huge success in this country and a European tour scheduled, and then her tour bus was hit by a truck, and she suffered a terrible back injury. It was believed she would not walk again, but she fought her way back to health. She was invited to sing at the American Music Awards, and had to overcome so much just to get there. Her first song back was so fitting. The words were:
Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light now, and it’s shining on me.
I know the love that saved me, share it with me.
Starting again is part of the plan, I’ll be so much stronger, holding your hand.
Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light now, and it’s shining, it’s shining on me...

That particular song is very fitting to describe Gloria’s re-birth experience after her very difficult time of overcoming nearly insurmountable odds. She had a 9-hour surgery to fuse her spinal cord, and she not only walked, but performed again despite the negative predictions! Because Gloria shared her story with the world, she became a light bearer, an inspiration for others who learn of her overcoming.
I was thinking of this because of the challenging time I am having recently. Some of my family and friends are struggling, dealing with illness, or dying. My sister Cheryl is lingering, but will be passing imminently, and Karl, my son Chris’ father-in-law, is expected to exit by April. And at the same time, Chris just learned that in April, he needs to have open heart surgery to correct a heart anomaly that he was apparently born with! The fact that it was found in time is a complete miracle!
I also have two of my friends I have known the longest leaving very soon as well, both from cancer, and a third is having a heart procedure. That’s two family members and two very close long-time friends making their transition, and one close friend and my dear son having heart surgery! The good news is that the recovery rate for Chris’ surgery is 99%, and after 3 months, his activities will be unlimited. Your prayers are appreciated!
The light is ever-present. It guides us, fills us, inspires us, blesses us. Let us share those times we emerge from darkness into a new day and experience becoming the light of the world.

Love & blessings!
Rev. Kathy