These are some of the favorite recipes of the Unity North community.  Feel free to share them with friends and family!

Please contact us if you have a recipe that you would like to share.

Barley Mushroom Soup (and Whole Grain Crackers) (from Dick Ogren)   

Bean Burritos (and Quinoa Vegetable Soup) (from Dick Ogren)   

Black Bean Dip (and Red Cabbage Coleslaw) (from Dick Ogren)   

Black Bean Soup (from Gretchen Hansen)     

Dublin Village Tavern Potato Chowder     

Faux Creamy Potato Soup     

"Good For You" Vegetable Soup with Pesto (from Wendy Erickson)     

Mexican Salad (from Wendy Erickson)     

Oven Roasted Vegetable Soup (from Wendy Erickson)     

Quinoa Vegetable Soup (and Bean Burritos) (from Dick Ogren)   

Red Cabbage Coleslaw (and Black Bean Dip) (from Dick Ogren)   

Squash, Kale, and Italian Sausage Stew (from Wendy Erickson)     

Sweet Potato Carrot Ginger Soup (from Wendy Erickson)     

Warm Lentil Salad (from Wendy Erickson)     

Whole Grain Crackers (and Barley Mushroom Soup) (from Dick Ogren)   

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