UNSC Suspends In-Person Activities

Unity North is suspending all in-person events, classes, gatherings and Sunday Services.

Please read the 4-Stage Re-Opening Plan below. 


The Unity North Spiritual Center Board of Trustees had hoped to return to in-person services on September 13, 2020 with an understanding that we would develop a robust program of processes and protocols to reopen our church building. However, we will not be opening Unity North Spiritual Center on September 13 for services.

Please review the 4-Stage Reopening Plan for In-Person Gatherings that has been approved by our Board of Trustees.

A Message from Rev. Kathy McCall - August 23, 2020

Dear Unity Friends,

There is a collective and very personal longing for more connection as we traverse this pandemic. That has made the decision to delay in-person Sunday Services at Unity North Spiritual Center much more difficult. Yet, the Board and I are deeply committed to putting everyone’s safety first!

The summarized version of our Re-Opening Plan was published in my letter of August 8, 2020.  This shorter description and the more detailed version are now both available to read on here on our website. We are grateful that Rev Pat Williamson and the Unity Minneapolis Board of Trustees generously shared their Preparation Plan and allowed us to adapt it to our needs as a different size community. We concur with this excerpt from a May 11, 2020 article shared by Dr. Michael Osterholm, University of MN Director for Infectious Disease Research. Dr. Osterholm said,

“Churches should embrace virtual worship and be prepared to gather that way for the long haul. COVID-19 is transmitted through aerosols breathed in, so anytime multiple people are gathered in a single space, everyone present is at risk—particularly because symptoms of coronavirus typically don’t show up until several days after someone is infected. Virtual worship is as perfect as you can get right now for what we need. Additionally, all congregations should continue to suspend in-person worship beyond Gov. Walz’s order because COVID-19 will still be spreading—and any indoor gathering, no matter how many precautions we take, will still present a significant exposure risk.”

The fact remains that we miss each other! We long for the hugs and handshakes and conversations and connections that we experienced at Sunday Services, in classes, in prayer, and social gatherings. So now we have a great opportunity! We are called to be active participants in “virtual church.” We have full intention of re-opening as circumstances permit, and at the same time, we are taking a step into the future. We have all entered a new reality and a different way of connecting. We may not be able to touch physically, but we can now truly experience the meaning of a “church without walls.” We still have our core identity as Unity North Spiritual Center, and we also now truly welcome and accept all people wherever they are!

The last class I taught had people from five different states: Minnesota, California, Oklahoma, Ohio, and New York! That will also be true in Sunday Services, as we use a virtual platform or progress to live-stream. (We are exploring our best options for those, and in the meantime, you will still receive the Sunday videos being recorded.) Rather than focus on what we are missing, let us rejoice in the fact that we can still see each other in a virtual format!

If you do not have a computer or are unable to move freely in this virtual world, we will provide help or ways by which you can also feel included. Please let us know your needs. In addition, let us all make more effort to reach out to one another, not only through texts and emails, but through phone calls. It is important to stay connected through this time!

I also invite you to reach out to me personally. I was only with you for 3 ½ months before the pandemic arrived, and I was still in the process of getting to know all of you, and vice versa. I am happy to speak with you by phone or by a virtual platform to listen to your life stories, your concerns, and any questions you might have of me. It is a way by which we can take action to connect. Or if you would prefer that I call you, please send an email letting me know: kmccall12@gmail.com.

We continue forward prayerfully as we navigate the virtual world in this time of challenge. And we trust in Divine guidance for the right and perfect time to open once again.

Stay safe!
Love & blessings!
Rev. Kathy