Sunday Service Archives

Sunday Service Archives can be found on Unity North's YouTube channel.

February 28th - Unity – Dogma, Doctrine, or Dharma
Rev. Kathy McCall
Music: Bruce Menier Bell

February 21st - Honoring Memories
Speaker: Rev. Kathy McCall
Music: Faith Rivera
From the sunny shores of Hawaii, Emmy award-winning singer/songwriter, Faith Rivera, opens hearts and transforms lives around the globe through the power of music. Fans say her inspiring songs are like having your best friend, who knows your biggest dreams and your biggest struggles, sing the perfect message right to you. Visit

February 14th - Love Stories
Speaker: Rev. Kathy McCall
Music: Amy & Adams
Amy & Adams share an inspiring upbeat eclectic/folkrock/TinPanAlley/bluesgrass musical blend. As well as their own infectious original songs, great tunes from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and are wrapped in an accompaniment of guitars, ukuleles, mandolin, keyboard, flutes, and stunning harmonies that will bring a song to your lips and a hop to your step. Amy & Adams’ albums (now six) have garnered national and international airplay and critical acclaim. Visit

February 7th - Stories of Family
Speaker: Rev. Kathy McCall
Music: Claire Van De Crommert
Crossing many genre boundaries, Claire Van De Crommert combines contemporary folk with flavors of blues, pop, jazz, and classical in a rich blend of guitar and vocals. With over three octaves of vocal fluency, Claire’s rich tones, honest delivery, and poetic lyrics, coupled with strong melodic guitar arrangements, make for an outstanding listening event.