Shaman Series Informational Meeting

We are planning a series of online shamanic seminars to begin on July 14. Our current plan is for two 2-hour sessions per month - on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 PM (at least through December). We will use Microsoft Teams, which requires no special software or accounts. The seminars will be recorded and available for you to review if you registered or if you registered but missed the live session. As before, written material will be emailed prior to each session so registration is needed a week before each session so that you will be ready for each webinar's activities. 

We ask a donation of $15 for each session. However, we know that many people are in uncertain financial situations and so you may pay what you are able. (Half goes to Unity North Spiritual Center.)

Although there will be some elements from Mongolian traditions, this series will draw more heavily than ever from Celtic shamanism, adapted for our 21st century lives. On a foundation of basic shamanic principles and practices, we will explore Irish myths and modern Druidic practices to restore our place in the Greater World.

As an online series, this format will encourage all of us to create our own ways of practice, exploration, attunement, and service, under the direction of our own sovereignty.

Some of the interwoven themes we’ll be exploring will include:

  • Stalking the Wild Divine
  • Recovering the Lost Child
  • Our Personal Spiritual Family, and the Role of Genetic and Spirit Ancestry
  • Honoring the Ancestors, Revering the Nature Spirits, and Celebrating the Divine in all its Manifestations
  • Recognizing the Wheel of the Year
  • Making Love to the Land – Earth, Sea and Sky
  • The Multi-Faceted Soul
  • Restoring Connection and Kinship with Nature and the Otherworld
  • Protecting and Restoring the Greater Self
  • Becoming Less Vulnerable to the Emotional Waves Traversing the World
  • Three Layers of Meaning of the Directions to Deepen Our Relationship with Them
  • Expanding Our Own Healing to Our Communities and the Land

Activities will include journeys, of course, but also the creation of our portable personal Spirit Wheels, meditations for specific purposes, cord cutting and vow renunciation, and various other activities and forms of healing.

Three formats for participation are:

  • Time after each journey to share during the recorded session
  • A separate optional (third) session each month for general discussion without being recorded
  • Use of the Center-World Shamanism Facebook page

A free informational seminar will be held on June 30 at 7:00-8:00 PM to talk about the series and to address any questions you may have. You will have to register for that, too, so we can send you the link for your participation.

Shaman Series Informational Meeting
with Karl Schlotterbeck
Online - Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM
No cost for this meeting.
Email to register.

Since 1986 Karl Schlotterbeck has studied with Michael Harner (and other presenters of his Foundation for Shamanic Studies), Sandra Ingerman, Ailo Gaup, Connie Grauds, Sarangerel and, most extensively, with Tom Cowan. He’s been a school psychologist (1973-2014), licensed psychologist (1991-2018); teacher of Druids; author of three books on reincarnation, karma and past-life therapy; musician, grandfather, beekeeper and yeast herder.