Responding to Stress from Your Inner Strength

Tap into your natural core of well-being any time for stress relief, to recharge your batteries and to gain wisdom about your next steps. Respond to drama with inner strength and compassion. Integrate spiritual practice into your daily actions.


May 14—Boosting Your Good Vibes
Gain awareness of how negative and positive energetic vibrations impact you. Cleanse your field of depleting energetic vibrations to enhance your well-being.


May 21—Love Transforms Fear
Connect to Divine Love to pre-pave a potentially stressful situation for improved results. Strengthen interpersonal relationships and resolve conflict with Divine Love. 


May 28—Creating Ripples of Peace
Create a sacred group to engage in conscious co-creation for the next seven generations. Connect to intuitive wisdom to enhance creative problem-solving potential. 


Pre-register for all three sessions—$100
Individual workshop—$37


50% of proceeds to Unity North Spiritual Center.


Call Leah to register: 651-472-3995 or sign up at Unity North Spiritual Center.

Workshop held at Unity North Spiritual Center.


A printable flyer is here.


Leah Skurdal has coached people to align body, emotions, mind and spirit for over 25 years through teaching and healing. Leah developed her unique energy management process through studying graduate levels of Awakening Your Light Body, Matrix Energetics, Polarity Therapy, Hands–on Healing, and directly from her angelic teachers. She is the author of the book Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy.