Reopening Plan for In-Person Gatherings

Please review the 4-Stage Reopening Plan for In-Person Gatherings that has been approved by our Board of Trustees.

A Message from Rev. Kathy McCall - May 21, 2021

Hello, Unity Friend,

The world seems to be changing so rapidly—even more so in the last few weeks with the CDC lifting some mandates and making new declarations about our safety while in contrast with other places in the world, such as India. This causes both excitement and trepidation for many. Should we stop social distancing and take off our masks, or should we continue with caution?

The Unity North Spiritual Center Board of Trustees and Reopening Team have been in a process for some weeks now to determine the timing and stages of opening once again. We all agree that we should proceed gently into our reopening. We have been patient this long, and we want to continue to monitor the scientific findings and our local Covid and vaccine statistics as well as take a pulse on you and the rest of our congregation. We want to know your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, this letter will be followed in a day or two by a short but important survey. We ask you to respond by Sunday, June 6. Then we will have a Community Gathering on Zoom on Wednesday, June 9, from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. for connection and conversation.

At present, the Board and I feel that throughout the summer we can have several small group functions at our building site such as a class or a gathering of 10 or less. In addition, we can ease back into socializing with an outdoor concert in the parking lot.

In the meantime, it will take some time to research, order, install and learn new equipment so we can continue to have hybrid church with both live and virtual capabilities during our service. Our intention is threefold: to prepare our facility for continued safety, to have our equipment in place, and open just after Labor Day so that we have the summer to adjust and to get ready.

We would love to hear from you and to share even more. Please answer the survey and come to our Community Gathering on Zoom on Wednesday, the 9th of June!

With love & gratitude,

Rev. Kathy