On-line Class: 7 Dynamic Laws of Healing & Prosperity

Developing a prosperity or healing consciousness means that we wake up from the false dream of lack, limitation and fear that pervades our world, and we become aware that life is a gift and that abundance and possibility are eternally present.


Dynamic comes from the same root as dynamite, which can blast us out of a rut. It is powerful, forceful, and filled with energy, thus leading to change. When these laws of healing and prosperity are invoked, they can produce dynamic forceful changes and a new state of being can result.  


Join us for this time together online in which you will discover the power of activating these 7 Dynamic Laws


Wk 1—The Great Law of Cause & Effect 

Wk 2—The Vacuum Law

Wk 3—Creative & Imaging Law

Wk 4—Law of Command / Law of Love & Good Will

Wk 5—Ancient Law of Tithing

Wk 6—The Occult & Mystical Law



7 Dynamic Laws of Healing & Prosperity

6 Week On-line Class with Rev. Kathy McCall

Saturdays, April 25 - May 30, 11:00 - 12:30pm


Love Offering: donate on-line each week of class or one time at UnityNorthMN donate.


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Rev. Kathy McCall joined our community in December of 2019 as full–time minister. She has experience in most areas of the ministry, having served five different Unity Churches in Tempe, AZ, and in Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Torrance, CA. An Astrologer, Dream Worker and Storyteller, she has facilitated workshops for over 35 years.  She is the author of the book, The Unorthodox Life: Walking Your Own Path to the Divine