History of Witches, Mystics and Heretics

Popular culture has provided us with a variety of images and legends about these three groups. Movies, TV, and novels have given us some interesting pictures of what it means to be a witch, a mystic or a heretic.


When we imagine a witch, we may think of a character from the latest TV show, The Wizard of Oz or Wicked. Is there any truth in these images from TV and Hollywood? If not, where did they come from? We will spend a fair amount of time studying the Salem witch trials.


Mystics may conjure images of religious figures from far away times and places. Mystic schools, Buddhists from China, Saints from the Catholic Church many years ago. Even the term “mystic” sounds inviting. What does it really mean to be a mystic? 


Stories about heretics are sprinkled throughout Christian history. Religion provides us with many legends about those who defied their church and often paid the price for their uppity ways.  Why was the church so intolerant of heretics?


Join us for a 12-week course to delve more deeply into the history of these three groups of people. Bring your questions, your assumptions and your notebooks.  


History of Witches, Mystics and Heretics

with Rhonda Italiano

Mondays, September 9–November 25, 7:00–9:00PM


Love Offering


Minimum of 5 for the class to start


A printable flyer is here.

Rhonda Italiano has been a Licensed Unity Teacher since 2005. She teaches full-time at North Hennepin Community College.