Hands-on Healing


Please note: there is no Hands-on Healing Wednesdays, December 25 through January 15.


Since 1993, Unity North Spiritual Center has embraced Myrtle Fillmore’s teaching that illness is not part of our true inheritance and that there is an intelligence that resides within every cell of the body.


Our healing sessions invite this intelligence to move the recipient’s own healing energy to greater wholeness and wellness.  


Our healers do not diagnose disease; they are channels of blessings.


The recipient is the main healer.  


As the recipients sign in, sit at a healing chair or lie on a healing table, they acknowledge their intent:

  • To be healed. 
  • To be open to receive healing energy.
  • To find the courage to do what is needed.
  • To maintain a receptive attitude of healing. 
  • To walk in gratefulness.

Thank you for coming and sharing with us your path to wellness and wholeness!