Foundations of Practice & the Grail Quest

We will discuss the shamanic world view and variety of practices both in class and by written material.


This first session, suitable for both newcomers and experienced practitioners, will include:

  • Identification and clarification of interests and goals to which we’ll apply shamanic tools
  • Identification of our personal “wasteland,” as well as our individual path to the “Grail”
  • Instruction and review of basic shamanic worldview, practices and principles
  • Accessing spirit allies and our relationship with them
  • The Journey and its alternatives


Foundations of Practice and the Grail Quest

with Karl Schlotterbeck

Sunday, September 22, 1:30 to 4:45 PM


A donation of $30 for each session is suggested (with half going to Unity North Spiritual Center), but participants are free to offer what they are able.


If possible, please register by September 15 so that orientation and preparation materials can be sent ahead of time. Thanks.


A printable flyer is here.

Since 1986 Karl Schlotterbeck has studied with Michael Harner (and other presenters of his Foundation for Shamanic Studies), Sandra Ingerman, Ailo Gaup, Connie Grauds, Sarangerel and, most extensively, with Tom Cowan. He’s been a school psychologist (1973-2014), licensed psychologist (1991-2018); teacher of Druids; author of three books on reincarnation, karma and past-life therapy; musician, grandfather, beekeeper and yeast herder.