Flower Essence Consultations

Flower essences are a form of therapy where the vibrational essences of flowers are used to balance energy blockages within the body. These energy imbalances may manifest in our emotions as well as our physical health if it is sourced from an emotional state. For more information on flower essences you may visit the FES Flowers website.


During the consult we will discuss what you would like help with. This will be followed by using a form of pulse testing on your wrist while remedies are held in your hand to determine a remedy. You will go home with a remedy dosage bottle and instructions for use. This appointment will last an hour. All information will remain confidential. Please refrain from using hand lotion prior to the consult.


I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer my services as a gift to the community. 

No fees are charged. If someone wishes to leave an offering for the spiritual center, it can be left discretely in the receptacle in the narthex.



Flower essence remedies are NOT a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric treatments.

Flower essence remedies are NOT meant as a method to diagnose or medically treat conditions requiring professional attention.



Flower Essence Consultations

with Wendy Barron

By appointment on Wednesdays at UNSC, 5:00-6:00pm.


Contact Wendy Baron at 763-780-3216 or by email rherbal@usfamily.net to make an appointment.


A printable flyer is here. 

Wendy Barron has been studying and utilizing herbs and flower essences for 9 years with respected practitioners Lise Wolff, Matthew Wood, Martin Bulgerin, Julia Graves and others.