Family Promise - September

Family Promise In Anoka County is a non-profit committed to finding housing, employment and overall support for homeless families in Anoka County. This is the only organization of its kind in our area. We will be hosting families at UNSC this week and have a variety of volunteer opportunities open.

September 12-19, 2021: This week we will provide a meal for the families. If you would like to help with meal items, please contact the Outreach Committee by email or by calling 763-442-1825.

For more information visit

If you are planning to volunteer for Family Promise, you must have filled out a Volunteer Application and have attended a training session. This training session is approximately 1 hour long, depending upon the number in attendance and the questions that may be raised.

If you would like to volunteer and have not attended a training session or would simply enjoy a refresher, please contact Kathleen Bailey at 763-442-1825.