Egypt - Ancient Teachings of Enlightenment

What if the ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt were more than a tourist destination or burial grounds for dead royalty? What if the entire length of the Nile and the specific placement of the temples could be interpreted in an easy to understand blueprint for human spiritual transformation? What if the inscriptions on the temple walls could support this interpretation as an eternal text book for spiritual enlightenment?


In this seminar I will present an interpretation of the “gods” of Egypt as a blueprint of each of us. And I will also share my experiences, including my three nights spent in the Great Pyramid, that altered my understanding of who we are and my interpretation of “God”.



Egypt - Ancient Teachings of Enlightenment

with Thomas Maiello

Sunday, November 10, 1:30–3:30 PM


Cost:  $20


A printable flyer is here.

Thomas Maiello has been involved with Unity for almost 30 years. He has traveled to prove spiritual principles from Peru to Turkey to ashrams in India. He has degrees in science is currently working on a PhD in Metaphysics.