Sunday Service, Sunday School, Nursery

Sunday's second service is at 11:00am. 

Children are invited to join the Sunday School program in the Fellowship Hall.

A nursery is available for young children.

Contact us at 763-754-6489.

We are located at 

11499 Martin Street NW

Coon Rapids, Mn 55433


We welcome you every Sunday. Here are upcoming Sundays with planned events:



January 20


12 Powers ServiceWe draw from a bag one of the 12 Powers to set the year's personal spiritual focus. Drawing your power is done at both services.  


January 27



Canceled -  Telling Stories: with Rev. Ray Nelson 


An update: The Unity North Board of Trustees was still considering Rev. Ray Nelson as a candidate, and plans had been made to have him do a return visit. However, Rev. Nelson has let us know that he has withdrawn his application and decided to stay in Louisville, Kentucky.  The church there has decided to purchase a larger building, and with remodeling and moving, he feels compelled to stay there for a while. We wish him well.

Call Unity North Spiritual Center at 763-754-6489 if you have questions.