Sunday Early Service

Sunday's early service is at 8:45am. 


This is a smaller service and takes place in the fellowship hall around a group of tables.

Congregants are welcome to enjoy coffee or tea and may participate in the discussion if they wish.


Contact us at 763-754-6489.

We are located at 

11499 Martin Street NW

Coon Rapids, Mn 55433


We welcome you every Sunday. Here are upcoming Sundays with planned events:

January 6

Burning Bowl Celebration Service: As part of the Sunday Celebration Service, participants will be invited to let go of the old, to make way for the new, through a “burning bowl” ritual.  As part of the Celebration Service, attendees will write down history, habits, challenges, etc., they wish to release, and then they can ritually burn their lists, symbolizing that release. 


January 13


White Stone Celebration Service: As part of the Sunday Celebration Service, participants will be invited to take part in this ancient ritual.  Each congregant will be given a hand cut “white stone” imported from Hebron or Bethlehem, Israel.  During the Celebration Service, they will contemplate/meditate on a new name/word which will symbolize their journey into the New Year.  Then, they will write their new name on their stone, and keep it as a reminder that we are being called/invited to live an even more fulfilling life as we continue to expand our consciousness.


January 20


12 Powers ServiceWe draw from a bag one of the 12 Powers to set the year's personal spiritual focus. Drawing your power is done at both services.  



January 27



Canceled - Telling Stories: with Rev. Ray Nelson 


An update: The Unity North Board of Trustees was still considering Rev. Ray Nelson as a candidate, and plans had been made to have him do a return visit. However, Rev. Nelson has let us know that he has withdrawn his application and decided to stay in Louisville, Kentucky.  The church there has decided to purchase a larger building, and with remodeling and moving, he feels compelled to stay there for a while. We wish him well.

Call Unity North Spiritual Center at 763-754-6489 if you have questions..