Shamanic Practices: Rituals of Release, Nature Spirit Allies & the Cloak of Power

In this season when spring and nature come alive, we can consciously ally ourselves in personal relationship with these forces of life. To that end, we will journey to align ourselves with a Nature Spirit Ally. 


We will also provide for each other a shamanic empowerment known as the Cloak of Power.


As we are ever gathering power, we need also to be letting go of energetic and emotional attachments, as well as obsolete vows. We may carry still-active vows from other lives that are no longer appropriate for our present life and condition. For the clearing of these attachments, we will engage in two rituals: one for the cutting and removal of energy attachments that no longer serve us, and a second ritual of vow renunciation.

Suggested donation is $30 per session, but participants are free to pay what they are able.


Participants should be familiar with the shamanic journey and have a relationship with their spirit helper(s).


A printable flyer is here. 


Since 1986, Karl Schlotterbeck has had the benefit of the teachings of Michael Harner and other presenters of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman (Soul Retrieval), Ailo Gaup (Shamanism of the European North), Connie Grauds (Amazonian Shamanism), Sarangerel (Mongolian Shamanism) and, most extensively, Tom Cowan (Celtic Shamanism). He wrote the feature article for the July publication of the Society for Shamanic Practice. He’s been a school psychologist (1973 to 2014) and licensed psychologist (1991 to 2018); author of three books on past-life therapy and karma; teacher of Druids; and musician, grandfather, yeast herder and beekeeper.