SCTW: Stirrings of Spring

Explore building power in seasonal celebrations, the directions, cycles, healing, myths, and our relationship with the invisible other worlds (those outside and within us). This is the fourth in a series of eight shamanic events. Each session will explore a traditional seasonal celebration of the Celts, nature mysticism, myths and a method of healing. Six of the sessions will explore the five directions of Irish tradition. Each session is scheduled prior to the usual seasonal celebration so that participants can be more attentive to the meaning of the time and can craft their own observance.


Shamanic Celebrations of the Turning Wheel(SCTW): Explorations of Time, Space and Soul

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Session 4 - First stirrings of spring, once known as Imbolc

Although we like to think of the Solstice as the return of the Sun, and the days do begin to get longer, light has yet to triumph. Thus, we remain in the womb of the dark, still gestating, while being prepared for the coming out of the Sun and what is inside of us. Nevertheless, this is a time of “stirring” that recognizes the rising energies of life moving toward light. To prepare for the arrival of the light, we cleanse, seek the blessing of the bright ones, and the support of nature – like a seed beginning to stir under the surface, reaching deeper into the ground, as well as upward toward the light. 


In this seminar, we will: 

• Cleanse one another with a variety of energetic methods using physical tools 

• Seek cleansing in the Otherworld
• Ask for a Spirit of Nature to support us as we prepare for the “enlightening”

• Share healings in the form of power animal retrieval and directional drumming 



Cost: $30 per session, but you are free to give according to your means.


Participants should be familiar with the shamanic journey and have a strong relationship with their spirit helpers.


Karl Schlotterbeck is a licensed psychologist with a specialty in de-hypnotic past-life therapy. He has been trained in Celtic, Mongolian and Core shamanism; and is the author of Living Your Past LivesThe Karma in Your Relationships, and The End of Karma. Karl is a musician, astrologer, bee keeper, wine maker and student of Celtic Spirituality.