SCTW: The Celtic New Year

Explore building power in seasonal celebrations, the directions, cycles, healing, myths, and our relationship with the invisible other worlds (those outside and within us). This is the second in a series of eight shamanic events. Each session will explore a traditional seasonal celebration of the Celts, nature mysticism, myths and a method of healing. Six of the sessions will explore the five directions of Irish tradition. Each session is scheduled prior to the usual seasonal celebration so that participants can be more attentive to the meaning of the time and can craft their own observance.


Shamanic Celebrations of the Turning Wheel(SCTW): Explorations of Time, Space and Soul

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Session 2 - The Celtic New Year at Halloween (Samhain) – the veil between the worlds is thin

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2:00–5:15 PM


In this session we will explore: 

• Our passage into the dark—the dark that gives birth to light, that contains the mysterious origins of the Self, of the year, and of the hidden life and legacy of the seed


• Ancestors of blood, spirit and place—their significance and influence


• Legends of the “Shining Ones”—or people of the Sidhe


• The direction of the Center—source of the mysteries of soul, fate and sovereignty


• Creation of a “Death Song”—whether death of the year, a phase of life, or life itself


We will make Otherworld journeys for ourselves and for another, seeking spiritual strength. 

As usual, drums and rattles are welcome, but not necessary. 

If you register by Tuesday, October 10, with your email address, you will receive preliminary information to help prepare for the day.


Suggested Donation: $30 per session, but you are free to give according to your means.


Participants should be familiar with the shamanic journey and have a strong relationship with their spirit helpers.


Karl Schlotterbeck is a licensed psychologist with a specialty in de-hypnotic past-life therapy. He has been trained in Celtic, Mongolian and Core shamanism; and is the author of Living Your Past LivesThe Karma in Your Relationships, and The End of Karma. Karl is a musician, astrologer, bee keeper, wine maker and student of Celtic Spirituality.