More Love, Joy & Peace through Grief

Healing is sometimes required to move forward into more LIFE! We are gathering in loving support with the members of our community whose lives are changing.


In the fast flow of life today, with so much change happening everywhere, consider this:

  • Some of us avoid grief for various reasons, perhaps because we have not witnessed healthy supported grieving.
  • Unexpressed emotion can be held/stored in our bodies and interfere with our ability to be all that we can be here and now.
  • Have you found your support to express your feelings in your letting-go process so you can move forward, or is something holding you where you are and interfering with your access to the joy of present-day life?
  • Grief is a normal part of leaving behind the old life to move to know greater Joy, Love and Peace now.

This is my invitation to you. Come join with us, in the safety and support of our community, to explore this great healer.


Blessings, John  


A printable flyer is here.