Making Interfaith Connections

It began with an informational lecture series about Islam some Unity North members attended at the Nusrat Mosque in April 2017. Over the last a year and a half our communities have exchanged information about their respective beliefs and values. Our last meeting was a short program and shared luncheon on July 1 at Unity North Spiritual Center. Those in attendance experienced the blossoming personal connections between members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim and Unity North communities. The next short program and luncheon will be at the Nusrat Mosque on October 7. 


Imam Luqman Gondal had this to say about that first luncheon: 


“We were all so happy and you all did great job. It was a very warm welcome.  No one even thought for second they were here for first time.  We were like a family. Again thank you so much for having us and for the great hospitality. May God bless you all.”


While we may have different spiritual books and different customs, it is clear that both communities value love and peace, are tolerant of other’s beliefs, and wish to widen the circle of people who will join us to spread peace and understanding of people unlike ourselves. We believe it is a compelling and urgent need to find ways to bridge our differences with kindness  and respect. We will be extending invitations to Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Native American, Lutheran, and other faiths to an interfaith gathering on January 20, 2019. 


Ann Mongeau, Adult Education Coordinator, Unity North Spiritual Center