Heartful Movement

Are you tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel sad, angry, stressed, frustrated or afraid?


You will have the opportunity to experience simple methods to restore harmony and celebrate your life with the One Minute Harmony Refresh and Heartfulness Reboot.


Will and Teresa have joined in this unique collaboration to bring the idea of Heartfulness and Conscious Movement together to generate direct experience you can immediately translate into expressing more harmony in your daily life. 


You can expect a gently experiential exploration of Heartfulness and body aware movement attuned to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air.


Heartfulness is a simple solution to a complicated world.


A printable flyer is here.


Visit www.harmonyrefresh.com for registration and event information.

Please call Will Hale if you have any questions: 651-307-3849


Will Hale has synthesized the Heartful Harmony Refresh and fundamentals of Heartfulness from decades of practice in many mystical traditions and in working full-time as a musician with children. This is a transformative system that is simple enough for a child and easy enough for adults. www.harmonyrefresh.com  


Teresa Reid is a Certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator and an Open Floor Teacher who is immersed in a broad spectrum of healing modalities and embodied wisdom traditions. She is dedicated to integrative movement practices that encourage living into our lives with awareness. www.rootedandrising.com