Hands-on Healing


All of the healers at Unity North have had formal training in hands-on healing. Some have studied Reiki, some use the chelation technique taught by Rosalyn Bruyere, and some use a hands-off technique as taught by the Esoteric Healing School in England. Some have also been trained in massage, acupressure, matrix energetics, quantum touch, or shiatsu.


Healing work is intended to facilitate the movement of energy through the body which can be accompanied by the movement of emotions as well. This is expected, and tissues are kept close during healing. Participants may feel warmth, movement, tingling, or just gentle relaxation.


The Wednesday evening hands-on healing offered represents our commitment to the pursuit and acceptance of the wholeness that Spirit intends for us. It not only carries forth Unity's principles of prayer and healing but also follows the example of Jesus.


Note: Wednesday evening offerings suspend during the summer and resume August 22.

          The last Hands-on Healing and Daily Word Service are Wednesday, June 20.


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