Easter Sunday Service

Holy Week is a transformational process: 


Palm Sunday services, Louis Longmire, April 14, 8:45 & 11 AM

Palm Sunday is the beginning of this week of transformation where we exhibit our courage.


Aramaic Dances of Universal Peace, Will Hale, April 17, 7 PM

We will dance the Aramaic Dances of Universal Peace on Wednesday.


Maundy Thursday service, Louis Longmire, April 18, 7 PM

Maundy Thursday service calls us to live the life Jesus was teaching.


Good Friday service, John Ice, April 19, 7 PM

Good Friday is a gathering to understand the metaphysical interpretation of crucifixion and an opportunity to release in preparation for a resurrection.


Easter services, Louis Longmire, April 21, 8:45 & 11 AM

Easter is a celebration of the understanding and an affirmation of our most eternal selves.



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