Communal Drum Circle


All experience levels welcome, no experience necessary.


Come to rejuvenate, expand an understanding of self, and experience a spiritual practice using personal visualization. Collectively gather a banquet of spiritual energy to be of service to ourselves, others, and the world. 


Activities and information will include: 

  • Awareness of brain wave states and how to shift them whether in or out of the meditative state.
  • Initiate/develop a connection to your personal Sacred Garden and Spirit Helper(s).
  • Identify life roles and elemental clans in the context of positive/negative polarities and beyond.
  • Discuss group visualization and possible creation of ongoing, democratic, inclusive, communal drum circle activities.


What to bring:

drum and/or rattle if possible;

pillow/towel/blanket for comfort;

a special/beloved object for the communal altar;

note taking/journaling materials 


Sunday, May 20, 2:00–4:30pm


A printable flyer can be found here.

with Rose Brzezinski Lewis

Rose holds degrees in mathematics and music education; studied shamanic understandings and practices with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall; is experienced with Adult Children of Alcoholics; and took classes at Tom Brown, Jr. Tracker School.