Aramaic Dances of Universal Peace

Aramaic was the common spoken language throughout the Middle East at the time of Jesus and the tongue in which he expressed his teachings. The Aramaic Lord's Prayer presents a whole cycle of renewal. Each line could have several translations into English, each of them a meditation and contemplation in itself. This will be an opportunity to personally rediscover the mystical roots of the words of Jesus.


The Dances of Universal Peace are an interfaith gathering, blending sacred phrases, chant, music and movement into a living experience of Unity and sacred community. No experience necessary.


Aramaic Dances of Universal Peace

with Will Hale

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 7:00pm


Free Will Donation


Please arrive 5 minutes early—we want to start on time and be able to hold a sacred place for our prayers. 


For more information you may contact Will Hale at 651-307-3849.